Working with TechSmith Corporation
September 2009 – December 2009

Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) has an extension for Visual Studio called Team Explorer. This extension works fine for PCs and for developers, but does not work at all for Apple (since Visual Studio is windows only). TFS also has a web interface, but it only works in Internet Explorer (which again excludes Apple). For this project, I am working with three other students to develop a Silverlight client. Silverlight is available for both PC and Apple, and runs in almost all browsers. Since the TFS API doesn’t ship with the Silverlight client, we are implementing a collection of .NET web services to connect the Silverlight client with an intermediate server. This intermediate server makes all of the TFS API calls, allowing us to make a cross-platform application.

By the time this project ends we will have implemented an authentication mechanism, a full search, and item creation/modification in a cross-platform/cross-browser usable interface.