Software Developer II
June 2011 – Present

Software Development Consultant
January 2010 – May 2011

My experience as a consultant and full-time employee has been on the same project.

Software DevelopmentĀ Intern
May 2009 – December 2009

I started at Jackson working on the web development team to complete a redesign to one of their intranet sites. There was a very quick deadline that I was able to help them achieve. I mainly worked on transferring old pages into the new design and transferring some content into their enterprise CMS. I also developed a timezone script in JavaScript.

After completing the site redesign, I moved to the special projects team. My first task was to research several open source technologies (Hudson, Sonar, Emma). After setting up all of the tools, the research transitioned into figuring out how to implement the continuous integration system (the tools I was researching) into the current build/development cycle. Once most of the specifications were in place about how the system would work, I began developing a program that would monitor their version control repository for changes (since we did not have access to the post-commit hook or equivalent). This program was eventually able to monitor several repositories of differing structure and create projects in the continuous integration system if they didn’t already exist, as well as trigger builds for projects that had been changed.

Also during my work in the special projects team, I created several plugins for Hudson (the open source continuous integration system I had researched). I was also able to create a patch for a bug that I found in Hudson’s core code, which was implemented by one of their regular contributers. There were also several small projects that I worked on during this time when I was waiting for direction from my superior.