two months, really?

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I would like to say that a lot has happened in the two months since my last post, and while I can say that thing have been great, not a whole lot has changed.

Things are still going well at work.  I’m getting new responsibilities all the time (which I love), and I’m really starting to get into the groove of things. I’m still enjoying my project and all the cool little side projects I get to do.  A good friend from MSU who worked with me at Jackson moved to Chicago recently, so that’s a bit of a bummer.

Still loving my new phone, which totally rocks.

Had central air installed at my place by the awesome Jim Horn (I hope that’s the right url), which is seriously nice.

I’m sure there’s more stuff in there, but I’m bored of writing this post already. oke bye.

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to the powers that be

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please bring a Chick-fil-A to Michigan.  Seriously, Michigan would be much better if there were Chick-fil-A’s everywhere.  Then, the slickdeals free spicy chicken sandwich on Friday would not have gone to waste for me.  I have many other requests, but this one is important…

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super awesomeness

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A few weeks ago I bought a one pound bag of RedVines from Meijer.  Sadly, the ‘vines were ridiculously hard.

So, I sent a message on the RedVines site telling them what happened, and asking if their recipe had changed.

A day or so later, I received an email saying that they had not, in fact, changed their recipe.  The hardness was due to conditions during shipping that they were working on fixing.  They apologized for the bad experience and informed me that they were sending me a replacement product that would arrive in a couple of weeks.

Today I received said replacement product…

American Licorice Company wins 2 awards in my mind:

  1. The new licorice does in fact have perfect “hardness”
  2. Instead of replacing the one pound bag that I purchased, they sent me 3 one pound bags

Serious win.

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