YouTube made a mistake

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As I’m sure you can guess, YouTube decided not to hire me.  While it does make the moving away decision much easier (and everyone that wants us to stay here much happier), I still think that YouTube made a mistake on me.

I found out Monday April 26th, and the following morning I wrote out a 1200+ word post explaining why I thought I was a good fit (yeah, I definitely didn’t post that).  While that might have made me feel a bit better, I’m sure that I’m the only person it would have helped.

Having had quite a bit of time to think about it, I still think that I would have fit well.  I have been a web developer for almost a decade (their main interface is a website), I know programming in Adobe Flash really well (hello?), and I’m all about Python (the language their backend is written in).  My only thought is that the interview process doesn’t do me justice.

Oh well, maybe I’m meant to stay in Lansing…

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why not go for another?

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How about something cheery…

I bought my dog a harness and a toy sled today. I took him to the park while he pulled the sled with a cinder block on it. Good times…

I had to break into my house on New Year’s Eve. Kristie and I went to get a movie and she didn’t bring her keys. We got back and realized that since I gave my house key to my parents while we were at ignite, it was still inside on the coffee table. Luckily I’ve gained plenty of weight since we got married which allowed me to bash my back door in. It did some decent damage to the frame, nothing I couldn’t fix without too much work. Unfortunately it broke the screws out of the door itself, rendering the door handle permanently unusable. (I’ll post some pictures of the damage later)

Classes start again on Monday. This semester should be a piece of cake compared to last semester.

Last Semester This Semster
Classes: 5 4
Academic Classes: 5 3
Credits: 14 12
Blow-off Classes: (yeah right) Indoor Soccer!

So I’m going to try and do things differently this semester (like actually get all 4.0’s). I’m going to try and spend more time with my smokin’ hot, undeniably beautiful, wife. I’m going to attempt to spend more time with friends (maybe some more food/hangout nights at the Price’s). I’m sure there’s more that I’m not thinking of right now, but we’ll see…

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