Life as I knew it

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Who ever knew that vacation could taste so good?

Things have definitely been different than I expected.  Both in good ways and bad ways.  Working fulltime, my last in-between semesters summer, life in general…

I think that I am going to make a split to my blog.  Mostly that I am going to talk more about nerdy things, more about Jesus things, and possibly more things in general.

We’ll see what happens…

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amusing musing

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Since I have started this blog, a whole two long days ago, I have been consistently thinking of what I want to post. It seems as though anything is a potential candidate for posting, and yet I can’t decide what is good enough to actually become a post. Even better, I am positive that no one even knows that I am blogging again since I haven’t made any attempt to proclaim my existence.

Regardless of my audience, the blog must go on, for my sake.

Yesterday night I received a large load of limestone for the parking area behind my house. I was hoping the truck could spread it out so I wouldn’t have to. I was not so lucky. I spent the next hour or more shoveling gravel around my backyard while it rained. I bettered my efforts by purchasing a wheelbarrow, but by the time I returned from the store and put it together it was too dark to continue. So I resumed my labor at 9 am with the hope of reinforcements. Again, I was not so lucky. I worked for an hour and a half and decided to call it quits so I could be ready in time for my 11:30 meeting. Needless to say, there is still a giant pile of rocks in my backyard that needs to be pushed around. I will be continuing my struggle again tomorrow evening after working time (5 pm) possibly with the aid of Nato.

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in the beginning

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So, I finally started a blog again. I was getting all itchy inside not letting out some of my thoughts to the public. I’m not completely set on this blog, either visually or organizationally, because I’m still figuring out WordPress. Be patient with me, you’re probably reading from Google Reader or Bloglines anyway.

So I shall start with an update on relationships…

I’ve recently begun to talk to two of my neighbors, and I’m excited to be able to actually hold conversations with them. I hope to someday have a non-surface conversation with them, but you have to start somewhere.

It’s quite interesting how many times Vince has been able to start conversations or introductions with people. People are much more willing to approach you if you are walking a dog. Somehow they think you are nice just because you have a dog. I say this because he is the reason that I have even talked to one of my neighbors. He ran over one morning when I let him out unchained, and now the kids come over every once in a while to see if Vince can come out and play.

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