a couple of things I found today…

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First is for the developer/designer in me. I found this in my feeds, and I think it is right on the money.

Second is this cool article from a Canadian news site (also through my feeds). I really like the sweet ideas flowing around lately. None of them are really complex, but executed correctly they show an understanding of the current culture and they always add something positive. Sorta like the free hugs campaign. Noel showed this video at Riverview a long time ago and I keep thinking it would be sweet to do (especially on campus).

I had something else, but I can’t remember what it is anymore. I’m sure if it’s important enough, I’ll remember.

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just plain weird

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Some people have dreams where they are naked in front of a group of people and it’s really embarrassing.

Not me though. I had a dream whilst camping where I was naked in front of a ton of people, but it was the coolest thing ever. It was something like a play in an auditorium, and I decided it would be sweet if I went out on the stage only wearing a cape. Everyone cheered.

I must be strange…

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