A few weeks ago I bought a one pound bag of RedVines from Meijer.  Sadly, the ‘vines were ridiculously hard.

So, I sent a message on the RedVines site telling them what happened, and asking if their recipe had changed.

A day or so later, I received an email saying that they had not, in fact, changed their recipe.  The hardness was due to conditions during shipping that they were working on fixing.  They apologized for the bad experience and informed me that they were sending me a replacement product that would arrive in a couple of weeks.

Today I received said replacement product…

American Licorice Company wins 2 awards in my mind:

  1. The new licorice does in fact have perfect “hardness”
  2. Instead of replacing the one pound bag that I purchased, they sent me 3 one pound bags

Serious win.