The past two weeks I have been working on project with a due date of ASAP.  More recently I have discovered that there are people waiting on me who won’t be too happy if I don’t meet my deadline.  Even though I have had plenty of deadlines at school, this one is different somehow.

Regardless of why it is different, I am definitely feeling the pressure.  It’s very interesting to see how I deal with this kind of different pressure.  In some ways it has been hard since I definitely feel like there is not enough time to complete this project by the deadline.  I know that the deadline isn’t completely a hard deadline, but I still want to get it done as quickly as possible.

It makes me realize that having a good manager can really make things go well.  My manager has been very helpful in answering my questions and helping me deal with the timelines/expectations of those affected by my project.  I’m very glad that I have been able to observe this kind of interaction, it seems to be a great experience.