Over the course of my internship I have had to switch gears between different projects.  Sometimes new things would come up and I would need to focus my attention there.  Sometimes it was just because I had multiple projects on my list and the one I was just working on was waiting for someone else before I could continue.

Regardless of why I had to switch projects, I have noticed that if it has been a while since I last worked on the project I am switching to I often have to spend time re-orienting myself to the project.  This has been even more true with my freelancing in the years past (especially when it could be over a year before I come back to something).

I know it will be hard to force myself into a new system, but I really think that I need to start keeping notes about what I am doing on a project on a daily basis.  This is really so much easier said than done.  Code commenting can sometimes feel useless, so I can’t even imagine what it will seem like when I am writing a description of what I have just done.