One thing that has been apparent the whole time I have been interning has been that large organizations have lots of systems.  I’m not just talking about the computers or servers, I’m talking about the methods and software used to control the interaction between individuals and groups.  There are systems for moving code from development to testing to production.  There are systems for getting access to new software or databases.  There’s a system for almost anything you can think of.

The amazing thing is that when you have a lot of people, these systems are ridiculously important.  The database administrators would be bogged down by requests if every single request was different.  They would have to interpret each request before they could even do the work.

The really interesting thing to think about is how important it is for a system to be setup correctly from the beginning.  I know that no system can be perfect from the beginning, but that first try is seriously important.  If it is really screwed up, it can take forever to get it to a good place, especially if it is not readily apparent where the problem lies.  With all the systems setup to safe-guard the other systems, it is very difficult to get something to change.  It just burns this thought in my head: a new system must be very well thought out before being implemented (this is of course assuming the system is within a large organization…)