I have been selling my books on amazon for a week or so now, and it’s kinda nice getting back *most* of what I paid for the books I’m not going to use again….

The real story begins last week when I sent out two books that were ordered at nearly the same time. I had to go to Meijer first to get some bubble envelopes to send the books in. Before I left I laid out the two books on the table. I printed out the packing slips and put them in the front cover. As soon as I got back from the store I put the books in the envelopes and sealed them up, making sure I knew which was which and that everything was in it’s place. Then I went over to my trusty computer machine and printed up some shipping “labels” to tape on the envelopes. Next step: to the post office. The package shipped out without any problems and I quickly went back to business as usual. Here’s the really fun part: apparently I shipped the books to the wrong people! I got an email a few days later saying “Ummmm, I got a book, but not my book. What now?” (quoting paraphrased to protect the innocent). So now I’m waiting for both books to come back “Return to Sender” before I can ship out the book to the one guy who did not cancel his order. Neat.

Now for the “+ a near miss” part (I sure am liking the double quotes today). I sold another two books since then, one going out on Monday (props to the wife for taking care of that for me), and the other one going out today. The only interesting part of this story is that on my bike ride back from the campus “post office”, I was at an intersection with a “don’t cross” pedestrian signal. I looked up at the traffic signal since the cars were stopped and noticed that the light was red. I proceeded to cross. I guess the guy in the far lane just didn’t realize that I was making a break for it because I swear there was a mere inches (6-12 maybe?) between the front of his car and the back tire of my bike. Whew.