So, I’m putting a little more effort into this posting thing. Mostly because I feel stupid having a blog that I never post to, and partly because I just feel like it.

It was a few weeks ago, but I had a seriously good time in Chicago with sister. I spent way too much on food, but it was all soooo good. It was really great to spend some time with just me and my sister. We actually got to have some good conversation that went below surface level. Nothing really crazy happened while I was there (except I did miss my train back home and had to catch a later one, but there weren’t any incidents with that). We did find a really cool bookstore that had like more bookshelf space than it had walking space (and floor to ceiling books, I didn’t know it was possible till I saw it).

Classes are going well as usual. I’m mostly enjoying them, although they are still in the beginning stages so it’s hard to tell how I’ll feel by the end.

Well, I think that’s it.