Today as I was driving home from the Riverview Annual Staff meeting retreat I realized that I was supposed to “report” for jury duty this week and that I had forgot to do so (I wasn’t even sure it was this week).  Luckily when I finally called the right place, they told me that I was not needed today and so I was off the hook (what would have happened to me if they needed me today, I don’t know).  The weird thing is that to “report” for jury duty means I have to call this number after 5pm every day this week to see if they need me the next day.  I’ve never really known anyone that has had to report for jury duty, so it’s kinda weird.

My other oddity is that my scale seems to be smoking crack.  Not more than 5 days ago it was saying that I weighed 184 lbs (yikes!), which was the 5 lbs I said I lost in my last post.  Strangely for the last few days it has been saying that I weigh 189 lb.  I’m not sure how this is possible.  I know your weight fluctates throughout the day/week, but seriously?  I’m all bummed out about these numbers, wondering if I really even lost anything…  It’s not going to stop me though.  I’ve ran 9 our of the last 14 days, and I’m going to continue running every weekday (is this bad for you?)  I’m also still on track with the 100 push-up program that Noel and some other people are doing.  So my goal is 1.5 lbs/week until I’m down to 140-150 lbs (or super sexy slim, regardless of numbers).