Yes, it is a spelling mistake, it’s supposed to be un-fat (My BMI is 28.7), but I messed it up when I was doing a Facebook status update and I thought it was mildly entertaining.

Regardless, having realized there is too much going on in my mid section, a little bit too much of the handles for lovin’, and skipping the tmi about other locations has promted me to begin anew in the weight loss game.  This time I have a few new strategies:

  1. Noel’s 100 push-ups in 6 weeks “Challenge”
  2. “Vague” Calorie counting (I’ve tried this before, but I’m gonna stick to it and not be super anal)
  3. HIIT training 3 days a week (more details…)
  4. Light jogging/walking 2 days a week

I’m not sure what my end goal should be (although it seems like 140-150 would be good for my height), and I’ve set a short term goal of 6 lbs in 4 weeks.