So, I was reading an article I found on Digg just a little bit ago on stem cell research. It seems like the whole issue is really difficult. I mean the research could help so many people live better lives, and who knows what kind of uses stem cells could actually serve. The one thing it comes down to is whether or not the blastocysts they pull the stem cells from are human or not. They writer of this article doesn’t seem to take a side on the issue, but does make some interesting points.

So my question is, how do we decide when the cells are human life and shouldn’t be interfered with? I don’t think many would argue that sperm or eggs are humans yet, otherwise no one would use birth control, and everyone would mourn that special time of the month as the death of a possible person. From what I’ve heard, many seem to say that the life begins as soon as an egg is fertilized. In some ways, that makes sense. What other point could you draw the line? When the cells begin to differentiate? When you can see the babies eyes? Even more confusing, the writer of the article points out that many blastocysts created in fertility clinics are discarded once they are no longer needed (impregnation occurs). So, many that are so psyched to have children even though they have fertility issues are killing off many unborn possible babies?

I cannot decide if this should be an issue of conscience or of morality. The bible would definitely say that murder is a sin, but does the bible say when a person becomes a person?

Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated.