Since I have started this blog, a whole two long days ago, I have been consistently thinking of what I want to post. It seems as though anything is a potential candidate for posting, and yet I can’t decide what is good enough to actually become a post. Even better, I am positive that no one even knows that I am blogging again since I haven’t made any attempt to proclaim my existence.

Regardless of my audience, the blog must go on, for my sake.

Yesterday night I received a large load of limestone for the parking area behind my house. I was hoping the truck could spread it out so I wouldn’t have to. I was not so lucky. I spent the next hour or more shoveling gravel around my backyard while it rained. I bettered my efforts by purchasing a wheelbarrow, but by the time I returned from the store and put it together it was too dark to continue. So I resumed my labor at 9 am with the hope of reinforcements. Again, I was not so lucky. I worked for an hour and a half and decided to call it quits so I could be ready in time for my 11:30 meeting. Needless to say, there is still a giant pile of rocks in my backyard that needs to be pushed around. I will be continuing my struggle again tomorrow evening after working time (5 pm) possibly with the aid of Nato.